Green Cleaning Consultation
A custom Green Cleaning Consultation includes:



Green Cleaning Team Worksheet

  • Use to identify “Green Cleaning Team”
  • Use to establish customer goals so appropriate green cleaning recommendations can be made
  • Use to frame conversation of initial meeting regarding green cleaning
  • Use to schedule appointment to conduct Green Cleaning Site Survey



Green Cleaning Site Survey

  • Use to frame questions on facility walk through
  • Use for notes on general cleanliness of facility, current cleaning methods and current products
  • Use to identify applicable LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Green Building Rating System credits where WAXIE can help
  • Use as quick glance LEED checklist for green cleaning credits



Green Cleaning Product Survey

  • Use to frame product recommendations after Green Cleaning Site Survey
  • Use to identify current products and cleaning applications
  • Use to recommend green cleaning product alternatives
  • Use to identify green cleaning certification or attribute of the recommended product



Green Cleaning Training Log

  • Use to identify green cleaning training opportunities
  • Use to keep track of customer employees who have been trained on green cleaning topics
  • Use to reinforce the idea of continuous improvement in green cleaning program



Sustainable Cleaning Product Worksheet

  • Use to identify green cleaning product purchases as well as total spend
  • Use to measure the percentage of “green spend” each month (can also be used for specific LEED credit calculation)
  • Drop down menu to identify green product certification or attribute
  • Information from each month rolls up to dashboard that shows year to date green spend percentage

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