State of California — Western States Contracting Alliance


State of California Contract Number: 7-09-79-02

Janitorial Supplies and Related Services
Western States Contracting Alliance Contract 102-5031-5

WSCA Contacts

Lead State: Oregon

State of California DGS Contract Liaison:

Lead State Contact: Pam Johnson

Cynthia Okoroike, WSCA Administrator

Phone: (503) 378-4731

Phone: 916-375-4389

Fax: (503) 373-1626

Fax: 916-375-4663

Email: pam.johnson@state.or.us

E-mail: cynthia.okoroike@dgs.ca.gov


Department of General Services


Procurement Division, Multiple Award Program


707 Third Street 2nd Floor, MS202


West Sacramento, CA 95605-2811

Waxie Contacts


Customer Service:

Mike Muscara

Accounts may be opened and orders placed through your Waxie Consultant

Corporate Accounts Director

or by contacting:

Phone: 800-292-9437

Shawn McKibben, WSCA Contract Account Administrator

Fax:  (480) 968-1539

Phone: 800-544-8054


Fax: 858-380-1147



Contract Basic Discount Structure

Discounts are by product category and represent the minimum discount from list price for each class of products. Many products are provided at a greater discount than the category discount below.  Very large volume programs are available for specific customers.

Environmentally Preferred Cleaning Chemicals




Cleaning Chemicals


Plastic Can Liners


Miscellaneous Janitorial Supplies


Institutional Laundry Products


Floor Finishes and Strippers 


Institutional Ware Washing Products


Dilution control equipment is provided, maintained, and replaced free of charge. 

There are a variety of free soap, paper towel, and toilet tissue dispensers available.

Contract Sustainable Supply Chain Programs

Minimum Order:  No minimum order requirement.


Delivery Charges:  Delivery in California is included in the price of the product.


Customer Sustainable Supply Chain Discounts

  • All educational institutions receive a 1% discount on all prices.
  • All customers who order supplies through our internet ordering system receive a 1% discount on all prices.
  • All customers who purchase through our Environmental Partner program receive a 1% discount on all prices.
  • All customers who agree to a scheduled delivery program can receive a 1% discount on all prices.
  • All orders between $1,500.00 and $2,499.99 receive a 3% volume discount.
  • All orders over $2,499.99 receive a 5% volume discount.

Contract Environmental Programs

  • Largest offering of third party verified (Green Seal Certified and Ecologo) chemical products available.
  • Reporting for Green Product usage and supply chain environmental impacts by account is available.
  • Reporting of Small, Minority-owned, and Woman-owned business participation by account is available.
  • Project consulting is available for environmental services aspects of LEED-NC and LEED-EB building projects.  Ongoing compliance monitoring can be provided for green cleaning programs.
  • Program consulting is available for sustainable supply chain management for large and dispersed agencies.
  • A large variety of training programs in English and Spanish are available to all customers.

WSCA California Price Pages

For pricing information, please contact Mike Muscara for more information.

Michael F. Muscara
Strategic Account Executive
Waxie Sanitary Supply
4136 E McDowell Rd
Mesa, AZ 85215
800-292-9437 ext 641

State of California DGS Web Page



WAXIE Sanitary Supply Corporate Headquarters 9353 WAXIE Way San Diego, CA 92123 (800) 995-4466

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