State of Alaska — Western States Contracting Alliance


For pricing information, please contact Mike Muscara for more information.

Michael F. Muscara
Strategic Account Executive
Waxie Sanitary Supply
4136 E McDowell Rd
Mesa, AZ 85215
800-292-9437 ext 641

To open an account:

1. Call 800-422-1888. Ask for Nena Smith.
2. Fill out the downloadable forms:

To obtain a new account with WAXIE, please fill out a New Account Setup Form and email it to WAXIE

To place orders:

WSCA Pricing and Transportation to Alaska:

  • Pricing for WSCA State of Alaska customers is based on WSCA pricing plus a freight factor to Juneau, Anchorage, Kenai, and Fairbanks.  Orders to areas outside these delivery areas will be freight pre pay and add.


  1. Minimum order 300 pounds for orders to direct delivery locations.  Orders under 300 may be submitted. Orders under 300 pounds will receive an additional freight charge.
  2. Orders containing hazardous materials must be a minimum of 2,800 pounds.  The hazardous materials may be any portion of the 2,800 pounds.
  3. All orders outside the direct delivery areas will be freight prepay and add. 

WSCA Contract Sustainable Supply Chain Management Incentives:

  1. Ordering accounts that use our internet ordering system or order through E-School Mall receive a one percent discount on all prices.
  2. Ordering accounts that are educational institutions receive a one percent discount on all prices.
  3. Ordering accounts that are Environmental Partners receive a 1% discount on all prices.
  4. Ordering Accounts that work with Waxie to minimize deliveries receive a 1% discount for preplanned scheduled deliveries
  5. All orders over $2,500.00 pretax receive 3% off that invoice.  This discount will appear as a volume discount line item at the bottom of your invoice.
  6. 1% Additional Volume Discount for orders over $5000.

Waxie Sanitary Supply Field Representatives

WAXIE Locations Serving WSCA Alaska Customers

Paul Rebner
Sales Manager
235-931-1135 fax

Mark Juvinall
Sales Consultant

WAXIE Anchorage
4005 Spenard Road
Anchorage, AK 99517

WAXIE Fairbanks
3606 Schacht Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701

WSCA Contract Contracts

State of Alaska
Tom Mayer

Waxie Sanitary Supply
Mike Muscara
Strategic Account Executive
800-292-9437 x641 office
480-968-1539 fax
480-213-1709 mobile

All Remittances may be mailed to:

Waxie Sanitary Supply
49 37th Street NW
Auburn, WA  98001

WAXIE Sanitary Supply Corporate Headquarters 9353 WAXIE Way San Diego, CA 92123 (800) 995-4466

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